Truly Exceptional

HEARTSTAR Diamond Report


Every HEARTSTAR diamond is first sent to GIA for a complete diamond grading report and then double graded by GCAL (Gem Certification & Assurance Lab) using their patented optical light performance measurement technology. This groundbreaking HEARTSTAR Diamond Report not only includes the GIA data, it actually optically measures the diamonds Brilliance, Sparkle and Fire. It includes actual images of the diamond and its actual hearts and star pattern. Finally it shows the laser inscription on the girdle of every HEARTSTAR diamond linking all the data in this important report.

Brilliance, Sparkle & Fire


The truth is most industry standard Laboratory Diamond Grading Reports tell you very little about how a diamond actually looks and performs where it matters…to the eye. Unless you are a gemologist the information is almost worthless. We actually measure the Brilliance, Sparkle and Fire of every HEARTSTAR diamond and if it does not score Exceptional, the highest grade possible, it is rejected. Every HEARTSTAR diamond is truly Exceptional. Every HEARTSTAR diamond is Perfectly Natural.