Arctic Crystal – The 5th C

Pure Arctic Crystal


The difference between Arctic Crystal™ and diamond rough from other parts of the world is that Arctic Crystal is the hardest, cleanest natural diamond crystal on earth. Geologists are not quite sure why, whether it was the slightly different gravitational pull at the north pole or a variation in the volcanic events that resulted in its creation but there is a difference between Arctic Crystal and crystal found in the southern hemisphere, where most diamonds come from. Arctic Crystal’s consistently superior crystal structure, grain, hardness and purity results in a visibly brighter, whiter more brilliant HEARTSTAR diamond.

The Arctic Diamond Belt

The HEARTSTAR diamond is cut and polished from Arctic Crystal, the highest quality natural diamond crystal on earth. While rough diamond crystal can be found on almost every continent Arctic Crystal comes exclusively from the Arctic Diamond Belt that circles the top of the earth from just above the Arctic Circle south about 500 Miles ( 805 Km ) and includes North America, Europe and Eurasia. Within the Arctic Diamond Belt there are over a dozen diamond mines including five in Russia and three in Canada. They include:


Our Russian Diamond Mines


Our Canadian Diamond Mines


The 5th C

One of the biggest secrets in the diamond business is that the 4 C’s: Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat Weight are only as good as the diamond crystal the diamond is cut from. This is the 5th and most important C. While a diamond may look respectable on a diamond grading report, it can look dramatically different when you see and compare it to other similar diamonds with your own eye. This is because the 4C’s on that diamond report do not account for a diamond’s crystal structure, grain, hardness and purity. This is why at HEARTSTAR we cut every diamond exclusively from Arctic Crystal, making every HEARTSTAR diamond perfectly natural.