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The HEARTSTAR diamond is the perfectly cut, natural diamond, born of the finest natural crystal and then perfectly cut for exceptional brilliance.

Natural Crystal

The 5th C : The finest natural crystal

Every HEARTSTAR diamond is born from the finest natural diamond crystal. Unlike average diamonds found in most stores and on the web, every HEARTSTAR diamond is cut from Arctic Crystal™, the hardest, cleanest natural diamond crystal on earth. The HEARTSTAR’s perfect crystal’s structure, grain and purity results in a visibly brighter, whiter more brilliant diamond.

Perfectly Cut

To reveal it’s true natural beauty

Every HEARTSTAR diamond is perfectly cut from Arctic Crystal rough to reveal it’s true natural beauty by our small team of master diamond cutters in Israel. This cutting process, perfected for almost a century, results in the HEARTSTAR Diamond’s Hearts and Star pattern, proof of HEARTSTAR Diamond’s cutting perfection. The HEARTSTAR Diamonds exceptional cutting standard results in diamond that is actually larger in diameter than average diamonds of the same weight. It’s a difference you can see from across the room.



Certified to an optical standard of Brilliance, Sparkle and Fire.

Every HEARTSTAR Diamond is Certified to a Higher Standard…ours. Not only is every HEARTSTAR Diamond independently graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), it has to pass our own HEARTSTAR Light Performance Certification that measures exactly what the human eye actually sees, the HEARTSTAR diamond’s optical BRILLIANCE, SPARKLE and FIRE, with the latest Sarin Laser Technology. If a diamond does not meet our exceptional optical cutting standard it is rejected.



Only the world’s finest jewelers meet our higher standards

HEARTSTAR diamonds are only sold in select, family owned, fine jewelers across North America. You will not find them on the web or in national chain jewelry stores. We carefully choose only those independent fine jewelers who share not only our gemological knowledge and high standards, but our passion for truly exceptional natural diamonds. If your jeweler is a HEARTSTAR Jeweler, they are truly one of the finest jewelry stores in the world.