Nature Demands Perfection


When our master diamond cutters first laid their eyes on Arctic Crystal they realize that this rough diamond crystal was of such superior crystal structure, grain, hardness and purity that they could not just cut it for maximum weight, as most diamond cutter’s do. To reveal it’s true natural beauty there was only one option…perfection. This is why every HEARTSTAR diamond is cut to the perfected modern version of Marcel Tolkowsky’s original 1919 diamond cutting formula. Though there have been countless variants since, Tolkowosky’s original 57 facet formula has never been significantly improved upon. The physics of light performance are settled science. For all of us at HEARTSTAR we only had one choice. Nature demands perfection.

Hearts & Stars

The HEARTSTAR’s perfect cut also results in it’s HEARTS and STAR pattern when viewed through a StarScope. The classic Hearts and Star pattern (seen at right) are clear, reflected proof that every HEARTSTAR diamond has virtually no light leakage, resulting in a much brighter, more beautiful diamond. With the StarScope you don’t have to be a gemologist to grade a diamond’s cutting quality. Perfection is there for everyone to see!

Brilliance, Sparkle & Fire


The result is that every HEARTSTAR diamond has more brilliance, sparkle and fire than average diamonds. No other diamond reflects more light then a HeartStar Diamond. The HEARTSTAR diamond is the finest cut and proportioned round brilliant diamond produced in the world today. It reflects up to 93% of incoming light. In fact, less than 1% of the diamonds in the world are even cut to similar standards. Average diamonds found in most stores and on the web don’t even come close. The HEARTSTAR diamond is truly exceptional.